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February 13, 2008 by So Many Questions
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July 2, 2007 by So Many Questions
I rock. I'm awesome.
You rock. You're awesome.
He and she also rock. Well mostly.

You and I can reason it out. It's logical. Make a list of 15 things that you love about yourself. Easy.
#1: I rock.
It seems so obvious that we're awesome. That I'm awesome.

So then where does the self-consciousness come from?
Literally, it doesn't make sense. There's a short circuit somewhere that sneaks past the obvious logic. No really. If you asked me to explain why I don't rock, ther...
May 3, 2007 by So Many Questions
I once read a quote that was something along the lines of, "Wouldn't it suck if we all got what we actually deserve?..."
I never really understood the quote and didn't think I agreed, but for some reason it stuck with me, and the more I go through life, the further I seem to get from it.

I have never understood how people can so easily gaze past the rudeness, frustration or betrayal of others. I feel as if too often in life, I have come across people who commit actions, whether once or on a...
April 29, 2007 by So Many Questions
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March 29, 2007 by So Many Questions
So there's this guy (as all stories start). At first, we really hit it off but problem: he had a gf. We kind of fooled around a bit & hung out a lot (something I'm not proud of, but just felt caught up in the moment, I know that's no excuse). Eventually, we ended things but still had a great attraction towards each other. He finally realized he was being an *** to his gf & has really been trying to make it up to her since. Things between us continued to be kind of awkward b/c he tried to make s...
October 31, 2006 by So Many Questions
Here's the shortened scoop. I accept some of the blame, but it's not all my fault that all guys are idiots and girls have been conditioned to hope for the nonexistent "good ones" (Oh Disney movies, how you do us wrong).

Met a guy who was in a pretty long-term relationship (1.5 years), and was starting long-distance. Made it clear to me that he wasn't sure him and his gf were gonna last (after meeting him the first night). Spent a lot of time together and realized we had an obvious and inte...
September 4, 2006 by So Many Questions
What I quickly learned during my first week of graduate school is that at this point, practically everyone is either hitched, soon to be hitched or in a long-term relationship. Problem: I'm not. Not that I have a problem with being single at all. What I do have a problem with is being attracted to non-single people.

I quickly formed a judgement to realize that the chances of me being attracted to someone in my class was highly doubtful, especially one of the single guys. I wasn't complete...
May 24, 2006 by So Many Questions
The weird thing is that the thing that's most been keeping me out of a deep funk for the past few months is the memory of it back in February. It was the only time I've ever allowed myself to ask for help from friends or to even let them know I was going through something quite crappy. That's when I quickly learned that even those who are your closest friends can't be there for you in the way you need them to. It finally hit me one day so hard that I honestly thought my life was done forever....
October 8, 2005 by So Many Questions
The number one thing I have learned in my life is that if you depend on others at all, you will get disappointed. I don't know why people tend to act like if you ask them for a favor, no matter how minute, all of a sudden, the favor is like the biggest task in the world. Everyone does it! Even family, sadly. Anyways, that's why I place such an emphasis on being completely self-dependent...but every now and then, some things are just out of my control.

Yesterday, I got really peeved at som...