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Integrity for Keeps?
Published on May 3, 2007 By So Many Questions In Personal Relationships
I once read a quote that was something along the lines of, "Wouldn't it suck if we all got what we actually deserve?..."
I never really understood the quote and didn't think I agreed, but for some reason it stuck with me, and the more I go through life, the further I seem to get from it.

I have never understood how people can so easily gaze past the rudeness, frustration or betrayal of others. I feel as if too often in life, I have come across people who commit actions, whether once or on a daily basis that are simply belittling and/or immoral. People will find them frustrating for a while, but let a week, month, a little bit of time go by and suddenly no one views these people any differently than they view someone who works hard not to compromise his/her integrity.

In example, I have this friend who happens to be quite an "attention whore." I am not saying this in a harsh manner, she openly admits to being one. She finds the need to be the prettiest girl in the room wherever we may be and truly believes that she deserves to be the object of everyone's affection at all times of the day. She cries probably twice a month over either a guy or because she doesn't have a boyfriend and lives off of compliments from boys. Lucky for me, she seems to have decided I should be her ultimate "friendly" competition in every aspect of life. I, happen to be huge on self-respect. Anything I can do to compromise my self-respect is not an option. I still have a ton of fun with people and know how to have a good time, but for the most part live by the motto, I shouldn't have to compete for your attention. Nonetheless, I find all too often that she gets the attention she craves. People still treat us fairly similarly (as in talk to both of us normally) and sometimes even talk to her more than me... Even guys that know what she's like sometimes easily flirt with her and it kind of bothers me, especially when that person happens to be my object of affection. I don't think she comes off as a complete whore, so I don't think they go after her because they just assume she's easy. Not to be blah, but I wouldn't say she's more attractive than my friends or myself. I just find it surprising that even though practically all people have seen her be incredibly annoying and belitting to herself, they still seem to forget that part of her when she is around.

Similarly, I say immoral because I had a friend a few years back that found out the guy I liked, had feelings for her, so she dumped her boyfriend on the spot and began to date my crush. Her ex-bf was furious, but a few weeks later, they became practically best friends again. How does that happen? I know you shouldn't hold grudges, but if just forgiving left and right means people should just do whatever it is they want?

This makes me wonder if life really is about just gathering as much as you can for yourself. Do people tend to ignore the characteristics of people when they are outrightly annoying and/or rude? I hate to compete with people but I'm starting to get to the point where it just doesn't make sense or seem remotely "fair" that one person can make a fool of herself and yet get the same treatment as someone who people enjoy being around.

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