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June 21, 2009 by So Many Questions
Life is fantastic. It's beautiful and gorgeous and amazing and fragile yet deep and strong and moving and just...invaluable. And people suck. Isn't that how life kinda goes? I mean, sure you have some people who seem great. And you have some people who do good things and you feel like they deserve some credit. But all in all, people suck. When I was little, I would say that I hated my life when I was upset. I grew up a little bit and started saying that I hated life when I was upset. Th...
July 1, 2008 by So Many Questions
I am finding myself highly struggling with life right now. To be a bit more specific, the point of life. I'm not searching for meaning or anything...but here's my beef: I have always believed in karma. Be good and do good. It's a general rule that even small children can comprehend. Do good and good happens to you, right? Well, let's say for a second that's not true. There are no rules to life at all and there is only chaos. No purpose, no rules, everything just "is." If there is no karma ...
May 19, 2008 by So Many Questions
I'm a lover of life. I see the beauty in it. I appreciate the little things. It's people I dislike. I've said it time & time again, and here I go again...but why do people suck?   I have come to find that with each passing year, I find the majority of people to be less and less genuine and less and less trustworthy. I'm starting to get to the point where I wonder how people can be so obnoxious and still be in existence? Is there no one genuine left in this world? Peo...
December 11, 2005 by So Many Questions
"If you spend your life fearing death, then you will lose the very thing you tried to save." What a quote. Seems to apply to so much more then just death. Too bad I can appreciate and understand these quotes so well...but applying them to my own life ends up being so much harder. "