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Does Life Have Any Sense?
Published on July 1, 2008 By So Many Questions In Life Journals

I am finding myself highly struggling with life right now. To be a bit more specific, the point of life. I'm not searching for meaning or anything...but here's my beef:

I have always believed in karma. Be good and do good. It's a general rule that even small children can comprehend. Do good and good happens to you, right?

Well, let's say for a second that's not true. There are no rules to life at all and there is only chaos. No purpose, no rules, everything just "is." If there is no karma or point to life at all, then why do we bother? If there is no sense or pattern to life, then why bother trying?  If all things just happen and life will not ever make any sense, then why bother being good or doing good? We should all just do what we want because things aren't going to end up as they should anyways, right? Everything will be unexpected so there are no rules and we should all just be?

And if karma is real and there is a reason to be good or to believe that life does have some sense, then why does life never seem to portray it? Genuinity is no longer valued. Purity is a joke. My friend can sleep with 30+ men and also cheat on her best friends by sleeping with their boyfriends and she still ends up with a great guy? How does everyone just overlook people's fakeness and selfishness? Sex and alcohol seem to be the only things we celebrate.

I try to be as optimistic as possible and I try to be as helpful and as much of a good person as possible.  I know...people are always going on and on about how I just have to be patient and "my day will come." I know I'm not alone in this...but how long can we always really be waiting? I thought life wasn't about waiting around so how do I figure this out exactly...

Does life have any sense to it? Is it just chaos? How does it work out that the good ones seem to have so much bad happen to them and the people who are often so careless often get so much good? How come people don't seem to care at all anymore if a woman has slept with 30+ men?? Will I ever find my favorite watch that I lost today?!

I know these questions may seem somewhat ridiculous but I honestly just want something in life to make some kind of sense so that some kind of bigger picture can be recognized. What do you think?

on Jul 02, 2008

{ How does it work out that the good ones seem to have so much bad happen to them }

My take on this question is that we're always hearing in the news all the sad and tragic tales that have befallen good people....seldom do we hear the great happy news of the day. 

I believe that there's more good people than "bad guys"  and we just don't hear enough ( when we do hear good news ) of the positive things.  Perhaps one needs to look to other sources for all the good news of the day.

I do believe in karma,  unfortunately there's that sick,  evil element out there that takes advantage of whomever they can and again,  we hear of the bad stuff....

There's usually consequences of some kind for those that make really bad choices....that's just my take on karma...maybe it doesn't help..hope it did.