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Published on January 26, 2006 By So Many Questions In Blogging
There are some things I have recently discovered I am randomly and unhealthily addicted to:

- Grey's Anatomy
- Lifehouse music
- thinking about making fries in the oven and then not doing it
- staying up wayyy too late
- trying to neutralize my karma by not making mean comments about people...even fake people like celebs (and by neutralize I mean following all comments with, I bet he/she is a very nice person)
- greeting people with awkward, "ghetto lingo"
- wondering if the more "fashion-conscious" i am becoming is causing me to begin abandoning my originality in deep-thinking
- NOT finishing my application as should have been done a month ago (grrr me)
- not being able to keep my eyes open after more than enough sleep (for the first long period of time ever)
- not charging my phone to see how long it can go, and then getting peeved at it when it dies while I'm in the middle of a conversation

Ok, so I guess I began derailing from the addiction thing, but

What are some random things you notice you do or that you are addicted to?

on Jan 26, 2006
Random addictions? Good article!

ahhh, JoeUser for sure
Survivor! starts a new season next week!
American Idol, missed Tuesday's show
Taking pictures, making copies of really old pictures ( like 1865)
My movie collection
Getting more books at the library than I can possibly read in 3 weeks!
Having to have cocoa for breakfast
wanting hamburgers for every meal..........
on Jan 27, 2006
Don't feel bad. Everyone is addicted to something. Most of us, multiple things. Here are mine...
I am addicted to my PC. I think I have sat in front of it like 3 years running now. I really should go shower but I have email to answer.
Marijuana, first love of my life.
Staying up late. Crap sleeping at all, can't miss something.
Pepsi, 24/7/365 if they go out of business I'll die.
My wife, she is so good to me I can't live without her.
Being right. LMFAO

Damn I hate self awareness. I also have a little obsessive complusiveness that causes me to be extremely organized. Everything has to be in it's place. Not quite Monkish, but I'll notice if something is moved. An ex-girlfriend and my 2 brothers used to get a real kick out of rearranging things when I left the room, just to laugh like hell when I returned and fixed them all without even realizing it. Gotta love family.
on Jan 28, 2006
"Getting more books at the library than I can possibly read in 3 weeks!"
Trudy, I used to do that all the time too. Limiting yourself is just too hard. It's a good thing you're addicted to cocoa and not coffee.

Graffix, that's funny that you have the organization compulsion. I know people like that, but I think with them it's more of a control issue. Also, your wife must be great if she's ok with you sitting in front of the PC for extremely lenghty periods of time. I think my roommate even gets jealous if I sit in front of my laptop too long.

Random addictions are the best. Especially when they're just silly or things people don't quite get.