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Is Having No Heart a Requirement?
Published on December 4, 2005 By So Many Questions In Blogging
I'm a faithful watcher of the show, Grey's Anatomy. Great show, not quite accurate, but great show. So I started to wonder...

Am I cut out to be a doctor if I really, really feel for people. I mean, I know I would make a good doctor. A great doctor. A different type of doctor. One who actually listens to her patients and lets them talk and listens to them and actually heals not only their body but also them to some extent. The kind of doctor that we are lacking.

I think one of my biggest problems is that I have a hard time saying goodbye to someone. I get filled with absolute dread even with the thought of a see ya later for certain people. So someone whose emotions can master her so intensely, is this such a good idea? Or is it even possible to succeed in such a profession?

But then again, why is it that we are expected to be heartless in order to survive in this world? Why are emotions so pathetic and for losers? It's like being numb is the best way to be in this life. Or to deny it if anything is felt at all. What is so wrong with having the capacity to feel?

on Dec 04, 2005
Very interesting article.

I think the best kinds of doctors are the ones who don't forget that their patients are humans--not animals or specimens or something--and treat them as such.

I think its important for a doctor to have a heart--so when you do have to deliever bad news, you know how to empathize with that patient and his/her loved ones. Having a heart might get you hurt--but as a doctor you have to realize, too, that dying is part of life's journey. Sometimes the healing comes in death.