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Published on February 19, 2007 By So Many Questions In Sports & Leisure
I played volleyball when I was younger a little, but haven't played in like 10 years at all! I seem to have forgotten any good tips or strategies and now I feel like I just suck. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to practice, but I play on an intramural team once a week and am quite embarassed because I'm concerned everyone on my team thinks I suck.

I'm honestly not that bad, as in I hit it pretty well, but I think I'm just slower in making it to the ball. I don't have that intuitiveness about where the ball is going and how quickly I must get there that people tend to have when they've been playing a lot. As soon as I'm up, I start getting this dread about how much I am going to screw everything up and I can't believe I feel this way!

Any tips on how I can improve performance in the game (even though I don't have the time nor access to a place to practice)? This would be highly appreciated!

on Feb 20, 2007
no practical tips just have fun and don't worry so much. It's intramurals not professional. When you get a paycheck for playing then you have to worry about if you suck.
on Feb 20, 2007
I'm so jealous! I tried to get an intramural team together and I guess I just didn't know enough people. I love to play!

Get a volleyball and just bounce it off a wall. Give yourself some hard serves, some light ones, or grab a partner between games during intramurals.

And keep in mind how jealous I am! lol