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Published on December 2, 2006 By So Many Questions In Blogging
You know how you talk to some people and just can't help but crack up at everything that comes out of their mouth, whereas other people will repeat exactly what the first person said, and you can barely crack a smile? Obviously this has a lot to do with the art of story-telling. This is why some people are born to be comedians and other people...not so much. This is also true of something serious. When some people tell a story, everyone at the table is all-ears, but this is not true for everyone at all. What do you think is true about these people that makes them be this way?

I am one of those less gifted people that can usually get a laugh but it is rare that I get a whole room full of people cracking up at a joke that when told by the right person ends up being hilarious. Same goes with telling stories or general conversation during the day. One of the most common things you need to learn as you grow up is also one of the most challenging: having short, interesting conversations about really not a whole lot with people when you see them during breaks. I'm not bad at it, I realize. But I've come to notice more and more lately that I just don't communicate as effectively with people as so many others. I've tried to study what makes my ways different from others and I can't usually seem to place my finger on it.

So what do you think are characteristics of the way someone tells a story or a joke that makes people become attentive?

on Dec 02, 2006
unbridled enthusiasm
on Dec 02, 2006
I've analyzed this one... most of the time it is true, but at the same time, I've noticed that sometimes people who show too much enthusiasm, especially about topics that aren't deserving, and it ends up sounding somewhat odd. And also, what fluctuates in your voice to make something sound a lot more enthusiastic?