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So I'll admit that I'm known for not getting a particularly satisfactory haircut each time I go in, although most of the time it's just that I end up getting it cut too short. Since I'm in a new place, I thought I'd try a new salon as well. I've never found that one stylist that does my hair just right, so I had nothing to lose.

I went in and explained exactly what I wanted to the lady. I said, cut off an inch and a half, give me some smooth looking layers (not choppy!), and a face frame (layers around the face). I told her I wanted my layers razored at the end, and practically told her exactly how to hold the razor to cut it that way. What did I walk away with?... Short hair, choppy layers that start above my chin (NOT what I asked for!), not to mention that the layers on the left side start above the chin and the ones on the right start way past my shoulder (NOT exaggerating!!!!). She cut them with a part in the middle (I never wear my hair with a part in the middle) and when I explained that the layers on the left were shorter, she said, that's because you wear your part on the side. No kidding! I thought the haircut was bad to begin with, but the more I examine it, the more I wonder how this girl possibly thought she gave me a good haircut! Plus the front still looks really droopy, flat and boring.

I'm definitely going back in to at least have everything evened out, but it sucks that all I can do now is wear my hair up for the next month until things at least look somewhat normal again. I HATE bad haircuts...especially when I tell the lady exactly what I want and she just chooses to ignore it.

Ok, so while we're on the topic of hair, I have a few questions:

- I know that blow-drying your hair is supposed to be pretty bad for your hair because of all the heat, but what if you blow-dry using the cool setting? Does that still damage your hair?

- I have extremely straight and fine hair that looks pretty shiny for the most part. However, it doesn't have that extreme sleek look to it that a lot of girls have. Anyone know a serum or milk or something that they can recommend that can make it look that way? (not too pricey)

- Anything for volume? (besides flip it over and blow-dry it)

- Any suggestions on how to make the front part of my hair look more lively. I considered bangs, but they can be too much of a hassle. Anything else?

- Anything I can do to get my hair to grow faster?

- Any other hair tips you got? Or an interesting style?

Thanks guys!!

on Nov 26, 2006
I've never had a good haircut in my life. Maybe it's my hair.